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double-helix 14-09-2013 22:28

International Celebs who work in UK
It was Kylie getting a job on The Voice that made me think about this.....does she need a work permit?

Same for, and Nicole on X Factor?

Does Madonna still need one, or can she work here whenever now, considering she used to be married to a British man.

Louis probably does not because Ireland is in the EU.

BRITLAND 14-09-2013 22:34

I think Kylie's main home is in London, and yes they all have work visas

Archangel 14-09-2013 23:55

Kylie (or Dannii) doesn't need a work permit or a visa as she's got a dual passport as well as dual citizenship through her Mother since the beginning. Her Mum was born and bred in Maesteg (South Wales) and has a lot of family there, and so she gets it through that. She's also spent her entire musical career here, and has called London home for 26 years. I'm sure the Tax man loves her to bits.

dodrade 15-09-2013 11:46

I think Hugh Jackman and Keifer Sutherland have British Passports too.

dee123 15-09-2013 12:40

Gwen Stefani and GOOP?

AdelaideGirl 15-09-2013 13:05

They are both married to Brits so would qualify for dual nationality.

Verence 15-09-2013 16:06

Kevin Spacey??

007Fusion 15-09-2013 16:44


Originally Posted by Verence (Post 68683247)
Kevin Spacey??

He's been living here on and off since the 90's. I'm sure he has qualified for residency since then.

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