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1992 11-11-2013 16:29

Are Little Mix The UK's Best Girlband?
I think they are.

Their new album Salute is out today and its fantastic. Not one bad song on it.! I hardly ever buy albums usually just singles but this really is one of the best albums of 2013.

Shame it's out the same week as Lada Gaga, The Killers, Keane and not forgetting Eminem who was #1 yesterday as it really deserves to be a number 1 album.

Makson 11-11-2013 16:32

MKS for me

felpcalibas 11-11-2013 16:35

right now yes

Chem 11-11-2013 16:41

I feel like this thread is going to get messy ...

LandslideBrad 11-11-2013 16:41

Yep, imo.

siriusrose 11-11-2013 16:51

Yep imo they are, but each to their own, we've produced great ones in the past too. Salute is my album of the year though.

dodger0703 11-11-2013 16:55

I couldn't name more than 2 girlbands at the moment, but if they sell enough to be No 1 then they deserve it, if they don't sell enough then they don't deserve it

barrcode88 11-11-2013 17:16

Not many out there or any good at the moment, as female solo singers are the trend at the moment, so probably.

musicfreak10 11-11-2013 17:20

They're the only girlband to making a huge impression on the UK music market right now, so yeah.

Jon O 11-11-2013 17:20

I don't particularly like their music so I can't comment but I do think the Sugababes used to be. they have a mixture of good singers & sexy women can I say that about Little Mix, to be honest no but I can see why the americans like them

mgvsmith 11-11-2013 17:23

The answer is probably yes. The second album is generally better than the first plus they have taken a risk with the first single. And if they break the US, then they will be the best since The Spice Girls. Plus they all sing and write most of their own stuff. Surprising for an XF group.

cnbcwatcher 11-11-2013 18:04

The Saturdays are my favourite girlband at the moment, but I don't mind Little Mix either. I liked their first album. Not sure if I'm gonna buy the new album or not. I'll listen to it first.

Lucylocket88 11-11-2013 18:21

They may be the most succesful right now, but I prefer The Saturdays. I find their music more catchy and the girls come across as more likeable, in my opinion.

Hollie_Louise 11-11-2013 18:25

I would say so now, I don't like Move I think it's a dreadful song but compared to the other girl groups around they are

I don't think any of the current girl groups match up to Sugababes (in terms of vocals) or Girls Aloud (in terms of their songs) if I'm honest

kryskrys 11-11-2013 18:35

I really want to like Little Mix but their music just isn't to my taste. I personally prefer The Saturdays, Stooshe and MKS.

Objectively speaking though, I would agree they're the best UK girl group at the moment, because they're talented, they're successful, they have their own sound and their new album has very good reviews.

AdzPower 11-11-2013 18:38

Haha no friggin' way are they better than Girls Aloud or Sugababes 2.0

fkinhell 11-11-2013 18:55

Nowhere close.

1992 11-11-2013 18:59

btw I am talking about in 2013 not ever. Incase people mis-understand lol.

GlassBalloon 11-11-2013 19:00

It's hard to even say, the only real girlbands around atm are Little Mix, The Saturdays and MKS. The latter is barely in the running, and The Saturdays and Little Mix are at very different points in their career to even compare. I wouldn't even say they're in competition with one another. Just for the larger back catalogue which has been some great pop for the most part, I'd pick The Saturdays.

Girls Aloud and Sugababes are gone now

Harper_Milne 11-11-2013 19:03

Well there aren't rally alot of girlbands out there to judge

Hav_mor91 11-11-2013 19:11

They have the potential to be but for the mots part i find their music incredibly average and sorley lacking their just well drab.

Kargo 11-11-2013 19:21

No way, Spice Girls will always be the biggest UK girlband.

musicfreak10 11-11-2013 19:24


Originally Posted by Kargo (Post 69718489)
No way, Spice Girls will always be the biggest UK girlband.

The original poster stated 2013. The Spice Girls are not around now ;)

Mark-Anthony 11-11-2013 19:29

Definitely! There new album is amazing.

NicoleRich 11-11-2013 20:04

As of now. Yes they most definitely are. They have filled my Girls Aloud/Sugababes void.

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