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spanishmark 07-02-2014 13:46

suggestions for the best tablet & docking station to connect to a TV

I have quite a specific need and I am not sure if there is a product that does just what I want. I'd like to get IPTV (I'm not in the UK and the BBC channels are now not available via satellite). I priced up an HTPC and, for the money, it looks like it would be more worth it to get a tablet and use it for the same purpose, plus I'd be able to carry it around!

I'm trying to see if there is any tablet that has a docking station (that could sit by the TV) which offers a gigabit LAN connection (for HD streaming on my LAN) and an HDMI output.

All suggestions appreciated!


victorslot 07-02-2014 15:18

Firstly is the only reason you can't get the BBC channels now is that you can't tune a receiver in? If so then what you could do, assuming you have friends or family in the UK, is get them to tune a receiver box e.g. Humax Freesat box on their dish in the UK and send it to you. I did this for a friend in France and it has worked fine for the past 2 or 3 years, just don't update the location settings.

As for your Tablet question the only way that I know of to do what you want would be an iPad and Apple TV. Not sure that the LAN connection is a gigabit one though.

Mr Madras 08-02-2014 13:37

Mark, you can do all that and much more with a smart TV and a rooted Android tablet (with good wifi abilities) which is able to sit behind a VPN (or even Hola). Tablet in hand and a VPN to 'change' your real location, you can access live HD TV for free from almost anywhere in the world - the US being the main exception.

spanishmark 09-02-2014 14:53


The issue I have is that the BBC satellite coverage no longer covers Europe. I have Sky and get pretty much everything else, but the BBC channels disappeared a couple of days ago, when they switched to a new satellite.

Anyway, I was looking around to try and solve the gigabit Ethernet connection (wifi is good, but not as good for HD streaming). I came across USB3 to gigabit adaptors (like Is there a tablet that has USB3 and HDMI out? I am guessing that you could use a USB wireless keyboard/mouse for when it is plugged into the TV...

I have a VPN that (theoretically) works on Android, Windows, Mac, etc.


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