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Ice Breaker 20-02-2014 14:49

Happy Birthday Rihanna- what is her best song?
So Rihanna turns 26 today but what is her best song? She has a phenomenal back catalogue of smash hits but what is her best?

Pon De Replay
Don't Stop The Music
Take a Bow
Russian Roulette
Rude Boy
Love The Way You Lie
Only Girl (In The World)
What's My Name
Cheers (Drink to That)
We Found Love
Where Have You Been
What Now

I have probably gone and missed off a really obvious hit now.:D

Requested a poll.

Ice Breaker 20-02-2014 14:56

And after writing 20 hits in the post, I was then was directed to another page where I had to write them all again. I don't think I included Hard and Other. Oh well.

My top three are Umbrella, Take a Bow and What's My Name.

Tough decision but I'm going with Take a Bow

AdzPower 20-02-2014 16:26

I picked Umbrella.
The song that launched her into super stardom, it spent 10 weeks at number one I believe.

getty 20-02-2014 16:37

Umbrella, it's about the best she's done really.

SexiRokStarr 20-02-2014 16:56

Rihanna has so many amazing songs, I couldn't just pick one. My top 5 would probably be Unfaithful, Russian Roulette, What Now, Only Girl and Where Have You Been but I love them all.

LandslideBrad 20-02-2014 17:00

Out of them; Diamonds, WHYB or Roulette.

but personally it's probably Fire Bomb.

James_Taylor2 20-02-2014 17:12

I personally love s&m but only song to top that is the remix with britney spears I think she adds something special that was missing from the original

I do have to say though I love umbrella diamonds n we found love

Ice Breaker 20-02-2014 18:03


Originally Posted by LandslideBrad (Post 71437302)
Out of them; Diamonds, WHYB or Roulette.

but personally it's probably Fire Bomb.

I love Firebomb too. Rated R is her best album I think. :)

4troy7 20-02-2014 18:08

She's had so many good songs its hard to choose I think I will have to think about this

Sweet FA 20-02-2014 18:23

For me, Where Have You Been? is both stand out and my favourite...

lulu25 20-02-2014 18:36

Voted, shame Tae Amo wasn't on there though- love that song!

scratchy23 20-02-2014 18:55

A toss up between Fire Bomb and Man Down

addictedtoyou 20-02-2014 20:48

My personal favourite is Where Have you Been but I do love Unfaithful as well

barlowconnor 20-02-2014 21:35

I love most of them but I picked We Found Love.

Luner13 20-02-2014 21:37


froggy22 21-02-2014 13:26

Rihanna's best songs tend to be the songs she doesn't release as singles, Fire Bomb is one example.

Master Ozzy 21-02-2014 13:31

California King Bed is her best.

The22ndRachel 21-02-2014 14:34

Shy Ronnie part II :p:D

superstar111 21-02-2014 14:49

my favourite is hate that i love you, but it was missed so i'll say we found love.

David_Petersen 21-02-2014 16:52

My favorite-favorites are album tracks, but I went with Russian Roulette, it's a great song, and all of Rated R is amazing, RR, Fire Bomb and The Last Song being my favorites from that album.
I think my favorite Rihanna album has to be a tie between Rated R and Talk That Talk, though. But I like most of her output, so it's hard to choose, Man Down and CKB from Loud are also great.

Hav_mor91 21-02-2014 17:57

Her best single by a wide margin We found Love already shaping up to be a future club classic.

As for own personal favourite Cold Case Love off Rated R whihc is hands down her best album to boot :).

Sweet FA 22-02-2014 17:05


Originally Posted by Hav_mor91 (Post 71453031)
Her best single by a wide margin We found Love already shaping up to be a future club classic...

You mean most successful or most commercial. 'Best' will always be subjective...

leemuir 23-02-2014 06:37

Where is Stay?

dee123 23-02-2014 07:42

Disturbia for the win!

Ice Breaker 23-02-2014 15:17


Originally Posted by leemuir (Post 71474194)
Where is Stay?

I knew I'd forgotten a really obvious hit! I've missed out Shut Up and Drive and Princess of China and Who's That Chick too! She has so many hit singles it's no wonder!

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