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Wa*k Fodder 22-06-2005 14:46

London's Secret Underground Tunnels
Was told a very interesting tale today:

Underneath Buckingham Palace there is a tube station just for the Royal Family. In the event of war, the Queen and Co can escape to their Roal Tube Train and leave London. The rumour is that the Royal's personal tube network goes all the way up to their residences in Scotland.
Prince Andrew has tried to use the tube, but was banned from doing so because the Queen wants it kept top secret due to the public's reaction at the thought they will be abandonned during times of crisis!

I was also told about a tunnel linking The Houses of Parliment with Downing Street, and a tunnel linking Downing Street with Buckingham Palace.

The most intriging story is of 'Q-Whitehall' - an underground 'town' where important people will meet and govern in the event of a national attack. It was built in the early 1990's at a cost of 110 million. There are various enterance points around the city, disguised mainly as shops, houses, apartments, even phone boxes!

Anyone else know anymore of 'Q-Whitehall' or has anything to add about some of London's underground secrets?

jagger2k 22-06-2005 14:54

hmmmmm.....intresting, anyone have more info?

jra 22-06-2005 15:00

There isn't a tunnel from London to Scotland, as if.


Most of the underground tunnels in London which have been abandoned have been sealed off, so you can't walk from one end of London to the other by that means.

Yet another urban myth.


Joyitude 22-06-2005 15:01

Yeah, that story is the same as your handle.

Ratinho 22-06-2005 15:03


Originally Posted by cifpower
Yeah, that story is the same as your handle.


It's also older than man inventing the wheel.

Daveoc64 22-06-2005 15:13

The tunnel would take decades to make wouldn't it?

The idea of "Q-Whitehall" isn't so unlikely although the true name is Turnstyle

akrigg 22-06-2005 15:13

I read an interesting book about this recently.

A quick Google reminds me that it was "Underground London; Travels Beneath The City Streets" by Stephen Smith.

Its not all about the "secret" government tunnels - there was lots of stuff about the River Fleet, church crypts, disused tube stations etc.

But there were bits about the government tunnels - that are reckoned to be hugely extensive, and where some of the entrances are, or are rumoured to be.

pad 22-06-2005 15:18

I'd also recommend this books ... it's called London Under London

Nailz 22-06-2005 15:26

These 2 links here are interesting:

trash80 22-06-2005 15:32

there is Q-Whitehall, i know someone whos been in it

not sure about the tube station for the royals though, there probably is some way of getting out of buck palace by tunnel and onto the tube though

i know someone who has done some telecom work on the tube, he told me there are LOADS of tunnels that branch off from the actual tunnels with tracks

dslrocks 22-06-2005 15:38


not sure about the tube station for the royals though, there probably is some way of getting out of buck palace by tunnel and onto the tube though
Apparently there is a tunnel from Westminster station to into the Houses of Parliament itself that MPs can use to get to work.

I also saw an interesting graphic in the Times a couple of years back detailing some of the tunnels below ground. Royal Mail have their own tunnel network and trains for mail.

trash80 22-06-2005 15:41

well there are tunnels below parliament that date from the building of the place, i have read that when they built Q-Whitehall they may have linked up to these tunnels

lemoncurd 22-06-2005 15:46

It's not a regular tube that stops under Buckingham Palace, it's part of the mail-train network (owned by Royal Mail but no longer operated commercially). They are much smaller trains/tunnels, but one of the mail-trains is converted to a royal passenger train for evacuation etc.

trash80 22-06-2005 15:48

really? thats interesting, what happened to the mail train network btw? i always thought it was a scandal that they were allowed to get rid of it considering everyone is so hot on reducing traffic congestion these days

mamasan 22-06-2005 15:50

I've also heard (from someone who used to work at Scotland Yard) , that all of the streetlights along the Mall can retract, and that it becomes a big landing strip...anyone know anything about that?

trash80 22-06-2005 15:53

only if Thunderbird 2 needs to land

Astaroth 22-06-2005 15:59

The problem with all these 'secret' tunnels is that the majority of them (esp when they come to street level) would have to be on services maps - though what their useage is wouldnt have to be marked.

If a new water pipe needs laying the waterboard may decide that it should go under the mentioned phonebox - would cause problems if they suddenly found a giant ramp/lift/ladder going down into an unmarked tunnel.

martypants 22-06-2005 17:26

there was a thread on here some time ago about all the underground stations that are derelict. Do a search, very good reading.

Pjmulholland 22-06-2005 17:29

Pah this is nothing.

You want a spooky sub terranian labyrinth?

Its got it all - Mad millionaires, secret rooms.

Just another of Liverpool's many delights. ;)

agnusdei 22-06-2005 17:30

There is a underground city system - I know this but I won't say anymore. It's actually under Somerset and Wiltshire though :)

Agnus Dei

hawkwinddotcom 22-06-2005 17:43

Not this one then?

lemoncurd 22-06-2005 17:44


Originally Posted by agnusdei
There is a underground city system - I know this but I won't say anymore. It's actually under Somerset and Wiltshire though :)

Agnus Dei

Oh, they're all over the place around there - Monkton Farleigh, Rudlow, Radstock etc. All linked together too.

The MOD have far too much money if you ask me....

Mark. 22-06-2005 17:52

This site has told me that the Buck House tunnel is a load of tripe.

Joining the Piccadilly Line is not my idea of a speedy escape!? ;) :D

Spot 22-06-2005 18:06

Funny Thunderbirds should be mentioned - I was just thinking as I read through this thread about the episode Vault of Death (set in the 2060s) in which Grandma remembers stories that her grandma told her about the old London underground when they had trains running under the ground, before the new overhead monorail system was built. Virgil and Alan check and find these tunnels are still in existence and are able to use these to gain access to the Bank of England safe where a man is trapped.

Hancock 22-06-2005 18:45

There is a another tunnel that runs parallel on the northen line between Clapham Common North and Clapham Common South, they wereusing for storing documents at one time. At the south end, by the station,you can see a small round building on the common, which is the enterance to it.

Also on the subject of tunnels, also there are rumoured to be some pits, awaiting to bury the dead in the case of a nuclear attack, again if you look you can see some tell tell signs.

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