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Dickibobboy 17-06-2006 22:35

Ipod - Itunes Newbie help
well, to make this short,

my uncle has a video ipod, today he asked me if i would put him a few more albums on it, when i inserted the Cd and opened up itunes and ripped the cd it all went well, but then i plugged the ipod into the pc and the message saying do not disconnect same on, well nothing was happening in itunes. i waited a little longer and it stayed the same, i disconnected it and still it was on, i restarted the pc and then opened up itunes and plugged it back in, nothing happened there but the ipod went back to the menu,

it has done this a few times and the new albums never seem to go on, i am new at this it was my first time, am i doing anything wrong?

could anyone please help me with this,

now, i have brought the ipod back to mine with some of the albums he wanted so i could have ago on my laptop. i have the cable and the ipod and itumes on my pc

now what do i do? i am worried that if i plug it in it may wipe the ipod, and if there are any of fmy tunes in itunes i dont want them going on, do can i delete them out of itunes?

any advise on how to transfer music from itunes to the ipod?

thankyou for all your help


Dickibobboy 17-06-2006 22:43

Edit: i do not have any music in the itunes library

scouse_j 17-06-2006 22:51

If you use a different computer to the one that put the original lot of music on, the only way to put music on from your laptop would to make the ipod linked with your itunes, and it would delete everything bar any podcasts, so dont update from your laptop unless your willing to loose everything,

dizzyblonde 17-06-2006 22:56

What probably happened initially was that the iPod froze. It's easy enough to reset it - you plug it into the PC, turn the hold button (at the top) on and off, then press the menu and centre thing down together for a few seconds, and it unfreezes it.

If you're updating his iPod on your PC, and you haven't any music on it - you want to set update to manual rather than automatic so you don't wipe the music already on there.

This page might help you

strawberry66 17-06-2006 23:02


You need to click on "update your ipod" after you have ripped the Cd's to your itunes library.

Have you looked at your IPods preferences, i.e download music automatically.

If you disable the "download music automatically" on your settings on your ipod this should prevent your IPOD being wiped. You will then have to manually update your ipod.

I use anapod instead of itunes as I found Itunes to be a pain

Good luck :)

Dickibobboy 17-06-2006 23:07

will it wipe it auto when i plug it in?

dizzyblonde 18-06-2006 00:18


Originally Posted by Dickibobboy
will it wipe it auto when i plug it in?

Not if you set your preferences before you plug it in.

Dickibobboy 18-06-2006 12:33

thankyou for your help so far all of you,

what am i looking for when i go into preferences? i have had a look but i cannot see anything to do with turning the feature off

njeo 18-06-2006 13:29

In iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences > Ipod > Music > Manually manage songs and playlists.

Presumably you are on Windows XP. If the Ipod tab says no ipod is connected and you have let the ipod stay connected for about a minute, try going to Task Manager (right click the clock and select Task Manager) and end the ituneshelper.exe task, and then go to Program Files > iTunes and double clicking ituneshelper.exe to start it again. Hopefully it will pick up your ipod.

Dickibobboy 18-06-2006 13:43

thankyou, it does say that, but from what i underdstand when i plug it in it is going to wipe everything

njeo 18-06-2006 13:57

As far as wiping everything is concerned, Itunes will pop up a message asking if you want to replace your music library with that on the current PC. Just click on No and your ipod will just charge itself and not update.

I have never tried to manually manage songs on my ipod as I get this message after a format of the hard disk so I always click yes and let it laboriously put the same songs back on to my ipod.

You will have to rip the CDs on your uncle's computer otherwise you can be there all day messing with software.

Dickibobboy 18-06-2006 14:08

op plugged it in and a battery has appeared on the screen i think it means it is charging as it was flat

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