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Angelus69 30-08-2008 18:21

The last DVD/Blu Ray you purchased?
Thought it would be interesting to see what DVDs people are buying at the moment. Blu Ray included, too. :)

I bought Battlestar Galactica Season 3 and Hellboy (3 disc edition) yesterday, both on DVD. :)

mikegambit. 30-08-2008 19:53

Last dvd I got was 2 Dr Who dvd's- The Silurians and Sea Devils - got them separately as I didnt want the boxset.

Last movie on dvd I got was a Hammer double bill from the US of Moon Zero Two and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Last Bluray I got was the US disc of Rambo

digibod 30-08-2008 20:02

10.000 bc on blu

UltraViolet 30-08-2008 20:44

The Warlords - 3 disc edition in a gorgeous box set
Persepolis - with exclusive slipcase, and some mini film magazine

Bremal 30-08-2008 21:22

Music & Lyrics

Pistol Whip 30-08-2008 21:24


Originally Posted by Bremal (Post 27150711)
Music & Lyrics

You really should spend your money more wisely.

Bremal 30-08-2008 21:26


Originally Posted by Pistol Whip (Post 27150828)
You really should spend your money more wisely.

All £5 of it :D

jack42 30-08-2008 22:59

Evan Almighty £3 from ASDA:D

revolver44 30-08-2008 23:35

Echo & The Bunnymen Live In Liverpool & The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus on Friday. Last film was Jerry Springers "Ringmaster" which I picked up for a quid in the crap films bin, bought purely for lusting over Jamie Pressley.

-GONZO- 31-08-2008 08:52

Family Guy Blue Harvest.
Before that was seasons 1,2&3 of Doctor Who as they were on offer at Asda.

Revelian 31-08-2008 09:58


Originally Posted by digibod (Post 27147557)
10.000 bc on blu

How much was it? Was it any good? :confused:


Originally Posted by Bremal (Post 27150711)
Music & Lyrics

You poor sod! You should've asked someone... ;)


Originally Posted by jack42 (Post 27154147)
Evan Almighty £3 from ASDA:D

Really? On Blu Ray? Any good? :confused:

I got Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and so far I've only watched the chase scene from the Galleria through the flood canals. I was impressed with the science and look of the T1000 as a child, and now the only thing I really marvelled at was the truck driver being pulled out of his truck and landing on his neck on the road. That was an incredible stunt.

JEFF62 31-08-2008 11:12

10000 BC and Batman Begins on Blu Ray

sibbo 31-08-2008 11:49

[Rec] on DVD HMV Exclusive :D

lil lexie 31-08-2008 11:57

Persepolis and For Your Consideration. Haven't had chance to watch them yet though.

AlosondroAlegré 31-08-2008 12:16

no country for old men on import. not here yet.:(

bridrhino 31-08-2008 12:25

Vantage Point

TMLS313 31-08-2008 16:58

Heroes S1 & S2 on Blu-Ray (replaced my SD S1 set)


Star Trek V

Lunatic Dreyfus 31-08-2008 21:30

BSG season 3.

Epic stuff, but woefully bereft of any special features. :(


Originally Posted by TMLS313 (Post 27171723)
Heroes S1 & S2 on Blu-Ray (replaced my SD S1 set)


Star Trek V

I hope you were just completing the set. ;) Star Trek V was a stinker.

I'm going to have to get THX-1138 myself someday, just to satisfy my curiousity.

Nick_2005 31-08-2008 21:52

Been good for the past couple of weeks, just the one :)

Star Trek season one HD/DVD combo remastered thingys

kobashi100 01-09-2008 00:02

La Haine HD-DVD. Great film!

UltraViolet 01-09-2008 16:40

La Haine is fab!

I've just ordered the REC.

Angelus69 01-09-2008 17:26

I ordered In Her Shoes and Muriel's Wedding earlier. :D

Stephanie2007 01-09-2008 17:43

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. On sale at HMV.

00tommo 01-09-2008 17:48

Shoot Em Up on Blu Ray for £9.
Awesome film!

Revelian 01-09-2008 18:07

Who's selling Shoot 'Em Up for only 9 quid on Blu-Ray? :eek:

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