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Forum: TV Shows: UK 04-02-2014, 18:11
Replies: 20
Views: 861
Posted By retroguy
What do you think are The most unique and innovative programmes on TV

What shows past or present were or are unique or innovative in one way or another like doing something that no one ever did before
Forum: TV Shows: UK 04-02-2014, 17:44
Replies: 8,653
Views: 492,535
Posted By retroguy
Just out of curiosity what would the UK channels...

Just out of curiosity what would the UK channels consider to be good ratings at the various points of the day

In the old days if you rated 8 million or below in prime time you were a goner but now...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 04-02-2014, 17:26
Replies: 43
Views: 1,840
Posted By retroguy
Which shows would it actually be worth bringing back

Some comebacks work some don,t

But which shows do you think it would actually be worth bringing back providing they do it right

I think Whose Line is It Anyway might be worth a shot at bringing...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 04-02-2014, 16:55
Replies: 8,653
Views: 492,535
Posted By retroguy
Any word on when Channel 4's 15 to 1 reboot will...

Any word on when Channel 4's 15 to 1 reboot will air

Any guesses as to how it will rate

I reckon if they keep the 20 part Daily run well away from the likes of Tipping Point The Chase and Pointless...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 28-01-2014, 14:12
Replies: 8,653
Views: 492,535
Posted By retroguy
Just a few weeks to go until Jay Leno leaves The...

Just a few weeks to go until Jay Leno leaves The Tonight Show for the second and most likely final time

Who do you think will regularly win the American late night chat show ratings racer once...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 04-10-2013, 14:12
Replies: 4
Views: 499
Posted By retroguy
Types of show that seem to go in and out of fashion

Game shows seem to go out of fashion with telly execs only to enjoy a revival every few years

Can you think of any other genres that fall in and out of favour with the powers that be
Forum: TV Shows: UK 03-10-2013, 14:30
Replies: 6,953
Views: 415,296
Posted By retroguy
Would there be anything stopping ITV asking...

Would there be anything stopping ITV asking independent production companies to pitch ideas for the breakfast slot

Surely Daybreak can,t carry on in it,s present form after taking an absolute...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 10-09-2013, 18:45
Replies: 2
Views: 490
Posted By retroguy
Traditional linear television -is the end near

Do you think the next few decades may see the end of TV as we know it

What big changes may we see in programme styles

What does the future hold for traditional linear TV
Forum: TV Shows: UK 08-09-2013, 18:36
Replies: 22
Views: 1,927
Posted By retroguy
What are the best new shows of 2013 in your opinion

For me there is one clear choice and that is Wentworth Prison

They've brilliantly brought Prisoner Cell Block H bang up to date

Wentworth in my opinion is even better than and in some ways...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 08-09-2013, 18:19
Replies: 5,846
Views: 408,242
Posted By retroguy
I Thoroughly enjoyed the revamped Catchphrase and...

I Thoroughly enjoyed the revamped Catchphrase and Off Their Rockers earlier this year

Series 2 of Catchphrase begins filming this month so should we assume that Both shows will be back in April...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 02-09-2013, 19:22
Replies: 4
Views: 476
Posted By retroguy
What would be your ideas for one-off series

My idea for a one series only show would be a sketch show that only takes aim at TV Shows

Each episode would spoof programmes on a Certain channel for example Episode one would be BBC1 and so on

Forum: Radio 02-09-2013, 19:08
Replies: 0
Views: 398
Posted By retroguy
Is the radio commissioning process any easier than TV

When you have an idea for something like a comedy show or panel game how easy is it to send your idea

Is the commissioning process any different from that of TV
Forum: TV Shows: UK 01-09-2013, 21:48
Replies: 23
Views: 1,253
Posted By retroguy
What would you do to improve Channel 4

What would your ideal schedule be

Who or what would you keep

Who or what would you axe

My ideal Friday night line up would be

9pm The Last Leg or another Adam Hills fronted show depending on...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 29-08-2013, 13:46
Replies: 39
Views: 2,588
Posted By retroguy
Programmes that wouldn't work without swearing

We often complain about too much swearing but some shows would be dull without it

The Thick of It is a prime example of this

It was absolutely right to have swearing in that show
Forum: Showbiz 28-08-2013, 22:09
Replies: 30
Views: 5,911
Posted By retroguy
has this scenario ever happened to a celeb before their death

Preparing to make a comeback or in the middle of one

It happened to Roy Orbison in the year of my birth 1988 sadly his comeback was all too brief

I don,t know how true this is

but just before...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 27-08-2013, 12:56
Replies: 1
Views: 314
Posted By retroguy
What is it that makes a show so bad that it,s good

When we talk about shows like this what are the redeeming factors that save a show from being complete crap

A good example of this is when Les Dawson did Blankety Blank

He left no stone unturned...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 26-08-2013, 17:54
Replies: 1
Views: 255
Posted By retroguy
Ways of testing out your TV show idea

What sort of things could you do before even asking TV bosses to consider investing money in it

If it,s a comedy or panel show you could maybe start it as a podcast on iTunes or something like...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 25-08-2013, 22:49
Replies: 146
Views: 8,690
Posted By retroguy
What do you remember ever taping off the TV

What do you remember taping off tv in the VHS days

And what was the first thing you recorded via Sky Plus or TiVo
Forum: TV Shows: UK 07-08-2013, 13:36
Replies: 4
Views: 585
Posted By retroguy
Annoying Obsessions TV bosses used to have

At that point In the mid 2000's when ITV went through that bad patch programme wise they seemingly were obsessed with putting Celebrity into the title

That word was the kiss of death to any...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 06-08-2013, 22:21
Replies: 5
Views: 733
Posted By retroguy
So what do you think of BT Sport

Got connected last night and have been watching almost non stop quite a good channel In my view good presenters too really cool set too

it,s on my appointment to view list along with trusty old...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 04-08-2013, 22:02
Replies: 50
Views: 3,100
Posted By retroguy
Shows which are still brilliant even years later

For me loads of shows come under this banner

However Knowing Me Knowing You and I,m Alan Partridge are to me two shining examples of this sort of show

I have just finished watching both on Netflix...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 31-07-2013, 17:07
Replies: 2
Views: 198
Posted By retroguy
Ideas to improve certain shows

To my mind some crime dramas focus too much on solely murder and trying to find out WHOdunnit

Not sure if a crime show has ever done this before

I Would be in favour of a show that,s less of a...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 08-07-2013, 17:51
Replies: 21
Views: 911
Posted By retroguy
Aside from soaps can a show,s graphics be as well known as the theme tune

Blockbusters had a spectacular opening sequence involving hexagons flying round a futuristic city

I don,t know if anyone else remembers that each edition of Esther Ranzthen's That,s Life would end...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 05-06-2013, 20:39
Replies: 37
Views: 1,572
Posted By retroguy
So what have you enjoyed on telly so far this year

My top choice this year is Broadchurch what a cracking drama that was any word about when series 2 will begin shooting

Second on my list is the new Catchphrase which I must admit was going to be...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 26-05-2013, 19:55
Replies: 7,313
Views: 471,176
Posted By retroguy
Would anyone be surprised if either Daybreak...

Would anyone be surprised if either Daybreak gets the chop by the end of the year or Aled Jones or Lorraine Kelly are forced out due to the ratings

Still not denting BBC Breakfast after nearly...
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