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Forum: Movies 26-08-2015, 18:01
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Posted By AliU2maniac
No matter how much Skyfall made the fact is that...

No matter how much Skyfall made the fact is that Craig is still ugly as sin and boring.I didn't miss watching a Bond movie at all & I've been watching them for over 35yrs ;-)

Right and right...
Forum: Movies 25-08-2015, 18:26
Replies: 75
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Not me!

Daniel Craig is as ugly as sin and his acting is utterly boring.No more Bond movies for me until he's gone.
Forum: General Discussion 24-08-2015, 18:13
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Chino's & t-shirts never looked so good :D

Chino's & t-shirts never looked so good :D
Forum: Movies 15-08-2015, 20:57
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Loved it!

This 'prequel' of sorts to the TV series was excellent from start to finish.Henry Cavill & Armie Hammer were wonderful to watch and I really enjoyed the chemistry between the three leading actors.The...
Forum: Politics 09-08-2015, 19:55
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Same hypocrisy

Ted Kennedy--Democrat drunk--killed Mary Jo Kepechne when he drove the car they were in off a bridge in 1969 after attending a party in Chappaquiddick.He left her to die, went home to bed and called...
Forum: Showbiz 02-08-2015, 20:46
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Posted By AliU2maniac
September 23rd

Bruce Springsteen (Rock God}
Mickey Rooney [Actor}
Ray Charles [musician}
John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens head coach)
Jason Alexander (Actor)
Caesar Augustus(Roman Emperor}
Kublai Khan(War Hero)
Forum: TV Shows: US 02-08-2015, 20:10
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Posted By AliU2maniac
David Axelrod

Advisor to Obama recently called Stewart "a prod" as he visited the White House so often to receive "talking points" .Ouch, I can't imagine Stewart liked being called "a prod" but if the shoe...
Forum: Politics 25-07-2015, 17:58
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Black victims

Are only worthy of a phone call/euolgy/ Rose garden press conference when they're killed by white men.Black victims who are shot in Chicago, Baltimore, New York or any other Democrat-run hell hole...
Forum: TV Shows: UK 23-07-2015, 17:53
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Eric Burden

Eric Burden
Forum: Movies 22-07-2015, 18:15
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Posted By AliU2maniac
The Man From UNCLE.

The Man From UNCLE.
Forum: General Discussion 17-07-2015, 19:08
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Ambleside in the Lake District Clitheroe Whalley

Ambleside in the Lake District


Forum: Movies 15-07-2015, 19:14
Replies: 20
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Posted By AliU2maniac
The Man From Uncle movie

The 5 new minute trailer was unveiled at Comic Con last week and I loved it :D


Henry Cavill & Amie Hammer seem to suit their roles perfectly and the film looks like...
Forum: General Discussion 09-07-2015, 17:47
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Posted By AliU2maniac
I've never had a sick day and I've been working...

I've never had a sick day and I've been working full time since 1983.

My last day off work was in October 1999 but that was just for one day and was a delayed reaction to jet lag.
Forum: Movies 06-07-2015, 18:48
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Posted By AliU2maniac

Harrison Ford :D

I was 13 when I saw Star Wars (12 times!) in the late 70's and Harrison just oozed sex appeal.I didn't think Harrison could better Han Solo but Indiana Jones in 1981 was even...
Forum: Politics 03-07-2015, 19:42
Replies: 101
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Posted By AliU2maniac
U2--The greatest band of all-time. Dublin --I...

U2--The greatest band of all-time.

Dublin --I love that dirty old town :D

Guinness--it always tastes better in Dublin ;-)

The birthplace of my maternal ancestors.
Forum: Movies 29-06-2015, 19:01
Replies: 53
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Agree 1,000% :) Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce,...

Agree 1,000% :)

Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey and Kim Basinger all gave extraordinary performances in this film.A true masterpiece.

There is one scene in particular that gets me every...
Forum: General Discussion 27-06-2015, 20:28
Replies: 30
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Posted By AliU2maniac

I'm 50 and I saw my very first Headmaster in a branch of M&S and I was stunned that he was still alive! He looked the same now as he did when he read 'The Lady of Shallot' to me in detention when I...
Forum: Music 27-06-2015, 20:18
Replies: 47
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Posted By AliU2maniac
My favourites

U2 Nearly 40yrs together and still going strong :)

Led Zeppelin
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Pearl Jam
The Eagles
Turin Brakes
Forum: General Discussion 25-06-2015, 19:05
Replies: 45
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Posted By AliU2maniac
What happened....

To not telegraphing to the enemy any of your plans?

Telling the families of loved ones held by terrorists that they won't be prosecuted under American law for paying a ransom just gives ISIS an...
Forum: Politics 24-06-2015, 20:00
Replies: 18
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Travel insurance

Before going to Greece make sure that your travel insurance covers lost or stolen cash.If it doesn't, then it may be difficult to get any cash from the ATM.
Forum: General Discussion 20-06-2015, 17:49
Replies: 78
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Posted By AliU2maniac
If OP spends hours on the internet....

Wouldn't it be prudent to learn the difference between "succeed" and "secede" ;-)
Forum: General Discussion 19-06-2015, 18:35
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Posted By AliU2maniac
I did the 3 days in New York trip for my 25th...

I did the 3 days in New York trip for my 25th birthday.Back then I only paid 440 the whole trip :o

In 2010 I flew 10 1/5 hours to San Francisco then flew 5 1/2 hours to Oahu the next day.I spent a...
Forum: Politics 13-06-2015, 18:55
Replies: 58
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Posted By AliU2maniac


Forum: General Discussion 13-06-2015, 18:25
Replies: 466
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Posted By AliU2maniac
She's a Liberal

Of course she hasn't done anything wrong---apart from lie about everything to get what she wanted.I wonder when Obama will invite her to the White House?

Imagine if she'd been a Conservative or a...
Forum: Showbiz 04-06-2015, 18:27
Replies: 155
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Posted By AliU2maniac
Bruce Jenner has not had a sex change

If he still has male genitalia and does not have female sex organs then he is still a man.Moobs, make-up and dressing up like a 30yr old starlet does not suddenly make a man a woman.Give him a womb...
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