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Did anyone else see the Biography channels programme on Richard and Judy ? There was nothing really very interesting in it, but they were interviewed by Gloria Hunniford (toughest interviewer in the business ) and she asked Richard about how Paul O'Grady (on ITV) was giving them a pasting, and he got all defensive and said all their research showed a better class of person watched R+J so they weren't bothered about the fact their viewing figures were lower, a better sort of person watched R+J.

I always taped one and watched the other, with the sky+ you can often watch the show in half an hour or less - so I don't want to get into the whole O'Grady vs R+J thread, but it amazed me how up his own arse he sounded.

If they get the best class of viewer, well what else is on, the price is right, neighbours, weakest link etc, In a way I suppose they do offer the chance to be 'highbrow', 95% of the show is trashy tabloid nonsense (probably that's why I watch it ) This week it's been Adam the faithhealer, Jodie Marsh, "how cold are your nuts?", "what's it like being an Australian", other weeks its whoever got evicted from Big Brother being interviewed for 10 minutes or more, Richard proclaiming his love of Judy's "great tits", viewers make animals out of old tights and coats and send in a picture (billy butlin eat your heart out), you say we pay. They seem to rely on the book club, wine club and guests with a name like 'harley-brewer' to show their intellectual credentials (although she does write for the Express - nuff said). To be fair they do have photographers, artists, historians etc on, but they are usually in a much smaller segment than the latest big brother evictee.

Anyhow I just think Richard's opinion of how upmarket the show is well off the mark, some of their best contributors like Mike McClean are unashamedly populist, as is Richard "watcha!" Madeley.

PS on that biography show programme I seem to remember Raj Persaud saying that he had never worked with anyone in TV more professional or informed about what they talk about on air, I wonder if these were his own comments or whether he plagiarised the radio times talking about someone else
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