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Originally Posted by gkmacca
Ominously, they seem to be preparing for a dynasty: they mention their moody daughter Chloe (pictured here - clicky - with a rather creepy 'fatherly' arm round her waist) just about every day (even mentioning her to a bemused Jennifer Anniston), and Dickie seems to take her (instead of Jude) to every premiere these days. Maybe it'll soon be 'Richard and Chloe' and Jude will stay at home drinking the Guinness.
You're right about the mentions of Chloe - constant and with an increasing frequency and air of familiarity. They used to say "our daughter Chloe", now they usually just say "Chloe".

I am sure one day we'll tune in and Chloe will be on the sofa. They'll say, "phew, she has just stepped in at the last minute" due to some imaginary emergency, when in reality she has been groomed in a mock TV studio in a Hampstead basement since childhood.

Chloe will then take over from Judy permanently, with the explanation that it was discovered she was "a natural" when she stood in for her mother "at the last really, with absolutely no preparation whatsoever"... Euch, like Des and Mel but creepier, if that's possible.

BB Lea the other day offered her services should Judy "need a rest". Although I don't think that someone older than Judy should be her replacement.

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