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Originally Posted by xmastelly
same here! i had to put it back it the sky+ planner this morning! but i think its sky's problem as sky+ was on watchdog a few backs for these problems and other problems. Its happened to alot of people for a whole range of shows not just this but for me the chart show is the first time its happened!

you and me will have to watch out it'll probs end up deleting other shows next!

its not the vault or the chart show program to blame for this the sky+ planner deleting shows is a common problem but like i say its the first time its happend for me!

but i think they repeat it at 5pm on tuesday or thursday incase you not happy about missing it!
I do have dozens of old editions on VHS, but it would have been nice to see them again in glorious stereo*

* where available (!)
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