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Erm .... could this have anything to do with Brits new 'image' I wonder?

On Britney's brand new tour, a computer-generated image of the teen queen with a shaved head appears on an overhead screen while she sings "Unprotected."

The bald look thrills hairstylist Michael Chapman, who believes the only way that Britney can shave off her teeny bop past is by cutting her long-flowing locks, which he says "... make her look too much like a "Playboy" model."

The hairdresser says if Britney shaves her head, she'll show the world she has the confidence to be who she really is -- and that would broaden her appeal with adults.

Although Chapman doesn't think Britney will become a cue ball cutie like Sinead O'Connor, he says he'd be proud to use his clippers to give her a short cut that would look sexier but more mature than her current 'do.
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