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Originally Posted by tom0101
I just read some of the Anna Nicole thread and was about to post the exact same thing. She's had no media coverage for at least a month and what better way to get some than to take the attention away from a dead lady to stage a nervous breakdown? Even though she looks VERY happy in the pics where she's shaving her head.
Sick, isn't it? The bint is a slave for fame- can't bear to not have the attention on her whether it's good or bad. Amazing how out of all the times she could of shaved her head, she decided to do it when a person who's no longer living was taking the spotlight. Sick. And to prove that it was a stunt, look at these new pics of her wearing a wig (which looks like she bought from a costume shop):

So for her stupid fans that were saying "Well, maybe she just wanted a new look," these pics throw that theory out the window. If that was the case, she wouldn't be wearing wigs just two days later because she would want to show off her 'new look'.

Same with her 1 day rehab stint- she did it right after the Robbie story broke. Again, it's amazing how these stunts are timed.

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