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Amy Winehouse?

I love wigs. By that I mean I love seeing them on other people, celebs or otherwise. My grandad had a colleague who had a jet black Davy Jones from the Monkees - style wig, which he wore all his life - the last time I saw him he must have been about 75! He used to draw on a black spiv-style moustache too I never found out his name, in our house he was of course known as Wiggy.

Sorry to go OT.

Frankie Howerd had a dreadful syrup. It was a completely different colour to the rest of his hair!
I think only the beehive part of Amy's hair is false. There was some story about her being told that the hair was from Rumanian orphans who sold it because they needed the money. So she allegedly bought some more and donated money to them.

It sounds a bit far-fetched really, like one of those urban myths! Perhaps Amy's beehive will take on a life of its own and strangle passersby once she removes it to sleep.

She does wear a false hairpiece as a beehive though. It always looks to me as though rats and mice had taken up residence.
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