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an old subject - but was just thinking.........

My kids are in a show at the moment and they singing reach for the Sky by S Club 7 - and I was struck by how fantastic Jo O'Meara's voice is..

Isn't it strange that Jade and Danielle are now forgiven and back in our papers - one of the arm of a Sultan and the other with her footballer boyfriend..

Why hasn't Jo been allowed to be rehabilitated when she was the only one of the three with any talent in the first place?

Is there one rule for the likes of Jade and Danielle and another for Jo?
I personally do not believe it is one rule for Jade/Danielle and another for Jo. I think Jo has chosen to stay out of the limelight for her own reasons and has nothing to do with forgiveness IMO. She unfortunately lost her agent and close friend whilst she was in the house, then all the furor afterwards, I think it set her back quite a lot. Its a difficult postion to come back from especially without an agent to work for you. Hopefully next year will be a better year for her.
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