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Oh for gods sake, the whole celeb BB5 was over the top, they claimed racial discrimination but it wasnt. Fair enough Jade was bullying, and her behaviour was nasty, but it wasn't racial. That goes for Jo and Danielle. It was nothing to do with race. White people are allowed to not get along with black people, same as black people are allowed to not get along with white people. It's just people, no matter what the colour of their skin. Just Channel 4 were too scared of the 'racial' backlash, same as when that Emily got hoyed out of normal BB...ridiculous! Totally not needed.

This years CBB is gonna be crap. Celebs will be too scared to do anything for fear of some racist slur on them. Even at 'eeny meeny miny mo' is apparently not allowed. How stupidly over the top ridiculous is that? Hell lets call call it 'Winter Holidays' and not Christmas...
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