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It WAS race related. Fair enough, of course you are allowed to not get along with people regardless of their skin colour, but they expressed their dislike for Shilpa using references to her race!
exactly...shilpa's race was referenced a lot..oh and the classic she can't even speak english properly. If it wasn't for those no one would have claimed it was race just would have been 3 bints being nasty.

Persoanlly Jo's lack of remorse over the incident didn't do her any favours. Even if she honestly didn't think she was being racist she was still being nasty and she didn't seem to acknowledge that either (at least from what I saw of her after). I don't think any of them should be given a chance after but the media is shallow enough to forgive the skinny chick with big boobs. I don't quite rightly think jade has been forgiven either.
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