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O'Meara didn't really have a media profile prior to CBB and her performance on that as a turgid old fishwife did nothing to endear her to her public. She then regaled us (as another poster mentioned) with 'my suicide hell' stories which smelt like the Billinsgate Fish Market IMHO; including a very odd story about how she'd taken a packet of nurofen but had then been lucid enough to get her mate to drive her to A&E

Goody and Lloyd are tabloid favourites - both for being dim and Lloyd for having the ubiqutous inflated norks.
You've hit the nail on the head. The coven (all of them) have gross, or no, personalities. Ms Lloyd has only got on cos the oo-aa Daily Star love her and her false baps. She has no real looks or personality to speak of, Jade's fallen out of favour, and rightly so, she's nothing but a vile bully. As for Jo
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