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I'm sure she was, however she didn't come across well on CBB, appearing bitter and negative alot of the time, even before the unpleasantness toward Shilpa.

Who knows, she may well have good cause to feel that way, after all if you've had a glittering career in your early twenties and then it all gets taken away and you're reduced to moping about your house and playing the slot machines all day because you've been royally screwed by your management company and all the money has gone, you too would probably be a bit miserable.

Unfortunately, unlike the other two, O'Meara was probably in the middle of a bout of depression when she went into the house, and allowed the negative atmosphere around Goody to consume her.

Jade is clearly a thuggish bully with anger management issues, Danielle is a stupid giggly girl who thinks bitching unpleasantly about people is funny and makes her 'one of the girls', but Jo is the girl who should have known better, whose negative feelings about her own circumstances were expressed in hostility and intolerance toward Shilpa perhaps in order to make herself feel better.

The other two are frankly too thick-skinned or ignorant for the CBB 'racism' fuss to ever have made a long-lasting impact on their lives even without the generous rehabilitative assistance of the Daily Star and sundry 'chat' magazines, but Jo, because she started from quite a low point anyway, was always going to be the most anguished afterwards.

It is to be hoped she has managed to save her house, get to a better place in her head, and is quietly concentrating on her happiness.
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