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I have been an avid reader of the other thread but haven't posted until now. I feel the same as others about his death and I too don't understand why.

When I first read the title I had to read it a few times and still thought no way, I didn't believe it. Heath Ledger to me was 'that guy out of BBM' although I had never watched it I had Sky+'ed it but never got around to watching it. It was only after reading that thread that I realised who he was and what else he had been in. I loved him in The Patriot and A Knights Tale, thought he was a brilliant actor and gorgeous too but I never looked up who he was after I watched those films. I took time out last week and sat and watched BBM, what a fantastic film, and he was great in that too, he drew you in and made the role believable

There's a photo gallery with some really nice pics of him here..,00.html

beautiful piccys hun ! i loved heath the first time i saw him in 10 things i hate about you! knights tale is my fave though, i could watch it over and over and not get bored of seeing it! have only caught half of brokeback mountain but it ertainly looks like a great film and i will try and catch the rest when i can! looking forward to batman!
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