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I actually first saw Heath in 10 Things I Hate About You, just turned the telly on half way through, not really taking much notice as you do and thought phwoar he's a bit tasty who's that? Who the hell is he? Why the hell haven't I heard about this bloke before? Noticed he was Australian and thought to myself 'he's going to be absolutely huge in Hollywood when he gets going'. Never did catch his name so he disappeared off my radar for ages. Then I saw A Knights Tale and I was completely bowled over, it's a great film and still my favourite. Took me ages to connect the dots and realise that Heath was the Australian Hunk I'd seen in 10 Things I Hate About You all those years ago. lol

What always amazed me and, it still does, is how he could change his look, voice, persona so dramatically from film to film...and we've not even seen The Dark Knight yet.

I suspect upon the release of The Dark Knight, this is what Heath will always be remembered for. From the clips I've seen, he's going to be absolutely awesome as the Joker and I suspect, from that point forward, he'll always be remembered as a legend.
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