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nice to see this thread is still going.
I haven't actually seen Candy...the subject matter didn't apeal to me. Has anyone seen it?, is it worth buying?, i'm sure the acting is fantastic if Heath is in it, but is it too depressing?. I'm updating my Heath back catalogue, some of the stuff i have is so old it's on video and the play back is awfull.
If you're a Heath fan, then I think you'll like it, despite the subject matter. It's a very intense film, and depressing too, but Heath really is fantastic in it, as is Abbie Cornish. I wanted to get the film out on DVD as it had Heath in it but I was quite cautious when buying it several months back as the subject matter didn't appeal to me at all. But I'm glad I gave it a go as Heath and Abbie really are superb, and there's a great supporting cast too. I wouldn't say that I "enjoyed" the movie (I don't think it's that sort of film), but I really enjoyed the acting performances
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