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I had never heard of Heath before I saw BBM, though I think I probably saw him in Home and Away cos I used to watch it when he was in it!

Anyway, I had no idea who he was in BBM but he just captivated me, he was so brilliant. I've watched the film upteen times but now it's just too painful to watch the latter part of it when he ages as Ennis because I remember I always used to wonder if he'd look anything like that when he was near 40 .... and now he won't even make 29 in April..

I have never been touched by an actor as much as Heath. After BBM I bought all his films on DVD. I didn't much like some of them as whole films, but I was able to re-record all his scenes from those films I didn't particularly like, onto other DVD's so I can now enjoy just his performances!

I enjoyed A Knight's Tale, I still do though it was painful watching it for the first time after his death. Casanova was fun, and he was wonderful in Candy - he was wonderful in everything.
Monsters Ball was another great performance. Diana Ossana, Producer of BBM said she saw a young Ennis in his portrayal of Sonny. So true.

I had been counting the days up to Dark KNight coming out. I don't really like films like that, but I watched Batman Begins when I knew he'd be in the follow up and actually enjoyed it. Having seen the trailers I just know he's gonna be brilliant, he got so many rave reviews just from that. Now I think I might cry all through my first viewing of it!

It would have catapulted him into superstadium, that performance ... and he would have hated it, because he hated the fame, he just wanted to act.
It's just cruel that he's no longer with him. And his gorgeous mini-me daughter Matilda will never remember the Daddy who doted on her.
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