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Do you know, I love Terry Wogan, and I am aware of the wig thing. But everytime I see him in an audience situation like say "Children In Need" I am on tenterhooks because I am always convinced someone is going to stand up and whip it off. The same when he was on "Buzzcocks" I was convinced someone was going to say "All right Terry keep your hair on - I mean wig" My mate says he is too respected for that to happen. But all it takes is some p*ssed up fool in the audience or a showbiz person high on coke! to do it live - Oh I shall have to have a drink now!!!
On The PAUL O'GRADY SHOW Diana Rigg asked him what the hole was at the back and got him to turn the back of his head to the camera. He said it was 'a bullet hole' and smirked. She did mention earlier before he came on that she was very direct! No kidding!

She simply blurted out "Who cut your hair?" To which O'Grady quipped "A butchers on the Old Kent Road!".
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