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Pity I missed the Diana Rigg/ Terry Wogan stuff. I don't know whether it has already been mentioned , but Andrew Neill has the most blatant syrup I've ever seen. It is dark brown and seems plastered to his head and you can see the join, as Eric Morecambe used to say.

Come to think about it their is a taxi driver I know whose syrup is worse.It looks like is made of steel, so hard and shiny it is and you can see the grey softer bits of his real hair sticking out from the side.
Andrew neil's hair is so peculiar, I assumed it had to real, surely no one would buy hair like that?

The worst ever saw was at a very windy bus stop, the man next me's toupe kept blowing up in the wind. I was absolutely dying with embarrassment but at the same time unable to stop looking and i am ashamed to say laughing. nearly as cirngeworthy as Rigg vs Wig the other day.
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