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If you think the BB Forum is scary(which I don`t by the way)......Just pass a negative comment about one of the Professional Dancers in SCD.....and sit back and wait for the cyber bashing.Even better....Just say you thought Kelly Brook was a great Dancer.....Some would have you believe she`s Edwina Currie`s daughter.The SCD forum is certainly not as pink and fluffy as some would have you believe.Great spoiler thread on Saturday nights though......Back on Topic I really do wonder why some of these celebs bother with wiggs...Bruce Willis;Danny De-vito and Sean Connery never bothered and it hasn`t done them any harm.I just wish Hollywood accepted that a high % of men go bald. John Travolta was a shock.
I understand that Sean Connery did wear a toupee in the Bond Movies.

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