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I have not really met any celebrities myself apart from local radio djs and stuff who will mean nothing to most people but friends and family have met the following celebrities and this is what they thought of them:

David Beckham
Sir Alex Fergusson (this came from my dad who is a Liverpool fan so he must be a genuinly nice man)
Steven Gerrard
Wayne Rooney
John Mills (grandparents met him many years ago and said he was very down to earth and not at all stuck up spoke to everyone)

Not Nice
Yvette Fielding. Apparently she is a bit of a cow to work for on Most Haunted. Why do you think the other people on the show don't stick around very long? Allegedly she got rid of Derek Acorah not because he was a fake but because she thought he was becoming the star of the show- Derek on the other hand is meant to be a nice man.

Any more stories like this?
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