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I met Timmy Mallett when I was a youngster - and he was utterly, utterly horrid.

Michaela Strachan from children' tv and Countryfile - she was absolutely wonderful, very down to earth and normal and spent half an hour chatting to me.

Fred 'the weatherman' Talbot - a real gent, posed for photos with us all and was very nice to talk to, and seemed a very pleasant man.

Toby Anstiss, again, another gent - spent ages chatting to me and my friends - gave autographs and was very friendly and charming.

Peter Kay, was ok -friendly enough - but was getting hassled by everyone in town so was a bit distracted

Sue Johnston - a lovely, friendly lady who had time for everyone - not the least bit up herself.

Bill Bailey, met him in Keswick - we had matching kagoules on lol - again, a very nice bloke
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