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I've met quite a few celebs at stage doors and various conventions/fan events and film premieres and feel lucky that I've not met anyone who could be considered "mean" (although I find Morgan Freeman's hands-off attitude toward fans disappointing...if you ever see him, don't expect more than a wave). But ones who really stood out as going the extra mile for fans:

Johnny Depp
Jack Nicholson
Kate Winslet
John Barrowman
Catherine Tate
Philip Glenister
Eve Myles
Christian Bale

I want to give gold stars to Winslet and Nicholson becase it was a December when I met Winslet and a January when I met Nicholson. It was absolutely freezing but they still stayed outside signed autographs for ages.
Never met John Barrowman but been in his Cardiff apartment! Even sat on his loo
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