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Nicest Ive met is Russell Crowe - who everyone expects to be a grumpy and aggressive knob and was actually charming, funny and drop dead handsome .

Most celebs Ive ever met have been lovely, with the exception of...

Esther Rantzen - did a film shoot based where I was working once. Sat with a face like a sucked lemon the entire time. Spoke to no-one not even the crew! Someone just prodded her when she was due on air!

Bob Geldof - trod on my toe at a Frankie Goes To Hollywood (showin my age ) gig back in the 80s and never apologised - hated the man ever since .

Prince Charles - looked at everyone like we were peasants (which we probably are to him). Didnt warm to him at all.

Dh saw a heavily pregnant Kate Thornton in our Asdas the other week and got a glare when he smiled at her!!
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