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Patrick Mower (Rodney in Emmerdale) -Lovely lovely man. He was in front on me in my local Tesco one day, didn't have a clubcard so used mine (and I got about 200 points lol) He also gave my simpering mother an autograph lol.

Gino D'Acampo - Lovely bloke. Met him at the Good Food Show one year and he took time to chat to me and my friend, have a photo taken etc even though he was running late lol.

James Martin - Met him quite a few times, always very friendly and patient with hoards of swooning women.

Ant and Dec - Friendly and didn't mind making time to talk to people waiting to speak to them. In fact they made their driver or whoever it was with them urging them to get a move on cos they were late wait until they had spoken to us each in turn which I thought was lovely of them cos they could have easily just dashed off.

There are a few others too, but the ones mentioned above were my favourites. No one has really been horrible fortunately.

By the way I'm in total awe of some of the people folks have met on here
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