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I'm sure she's a perfectly nice girl but Nadine Coyle was in Selfridges being swamped by some teeny boppers - FINE... my neice wanted an autograph and a pic so I went with her to approach Coyle.... she wasn't unpleasant per say but as I was walking away with my neice she called out to me, "would you like a photo?" I can't explain why I found that so annoying and patronising. To this day she annoys me everytime I think of it. Ok I sound mad and I know she is famous and is probably always getting asked but grrrrrrrrrrrr!
I would have thought it nice of her to offer. I've heard of some celebs flipping out at people for trying to get a photo but it sounds like Nadine's just probably accepted it as part of the job and offers because it's usually what people want.
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