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I'm sure she's a perfectly nice girl but Nadine Coyle was in Selfridges being swamped by some teeny boppers - FINE... my neice wanted an autograph and a pic so I went with her to approach Coyle.... she wasn't unpleasant per say but as I was walking away with my neice she called out to me, "would you like a photo?" I can't explain why I found that so annoying and patronising. To this day she annoys me everytime I think of it. Ok I sound mad and I know she is famous and is probably always getting asked but grrrrrrrrrrrr!
It was probably just her accent that made it seem annoying and patronising
I'm a big Girls Aloud fan, and Nadine is my favourite so I may be biased but I've never heard a story of a bad meeting with her, and having met her myself, I found her to be the nicest out of the bunch. The general consensus among Aloud fans is that she is the sweetest girl to meet and always makes an effort when talking to people... I believe there's videos on YouTube that prove this.
I have no idea why all the non fans believe her to be so bitchy and arrogant, I can understand the Cheryl hate but Nadine is actually really genuine, and utterly harmless.
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