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John Shea (Lex Luthor from Lois and Clark) - possibility the nicest actor I've met, intelligent, great storyteller and he's very, very funny.

John Barrowman – he was lovely to the kids, so that's a tick in the box for me.

Colin Morgan (Merlin) – seemed really chuffed that people were actually watching the show! Some of the things he was saying was a bit cliché and all very proper and correct, but he did seem very enthusiastic and he was very smiley and chatty.

Cheryl Baker – I thought she might be a bit flakey, but she was very warm and down to earth.

Not so nice:
Vanessa Feltz – as she was walking down the street she started saying very loudly 'No autographs! No autographs!' No one had approached her as far as I could see. To me, it was a little bit arrogant to be saying 'no' before anyone had asked, and people only noticed her when she opened her mouth! Just left a bad impression.

Jacinta Stapleton (Amy Greenwood from Neighbours) – so stuck up and diva-ish it was unbelievable.

Graham Norton – nothing particularly nasty, but he was a little curt.
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