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When I worked in Horrids centuries ago, I met (well, came across) a few.

Fiona Fulleron (she was lovely and I talked to her quite a few times).
Gail from Corrie
Ingrid Bergman
Duke of Gloucester
Princess Diana's father
Susan George and her husband

Not so nice
Bruce Forysth
Duke of Kent
Nanette Newman
Nick Heywood

There were more but it's so long ago, I've forgotten!
Me & the wife spent a while chatting to him backstage after a 80's revival show & he was a top bloke then.

He must have been having a bad day..He seemed genuinely happy when chatting with us.

Also at the show, we met..

Paul Young - (Ok, but seemed a bit distracted, his voice was shot to bits that night)

Martin Fry (ABC) - Good humoured & bleedin tall!

Kim Wilde - Really lovely & down to earth

Howard Jones - Seemed fine

Roger Taylor (Queen) - Shook my hand - A lifelong hero of mine (along with the other 3!)

Mike & The Mechanics - The other Paul Young (RIP), was a great bloke..Talking to him for ages, the other 2 (Mike Rutherford & Paul Carrack), seemed rather shy!

I also once (quite literally!), bumped into Jeremey Beadle with my sons buggy!..I said "Sorry mate" (not realising it was him) & he gave me a big smile & said "No worries mate"...Seemed lke a nice guy.
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