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I've been quite lucky with who I've met as most have been nice.

The nice ones I've met are:

Phillip Schofield and Caron Keating - they opened my school fete years ago, they were both really lovely and friendly and more than happy to chat to people and have their pics taken etc.

Ian Lavender - I sat on his knee when I was younger lol at a charity cricket match, he was lovely and really friendly.

Stephen Gately, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy - Stephen is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, so friendly and down to earth and takes a lot of time out for the fans. Even if he is in a rush and can't really stop, he always has a smile and hello for you. Shane and Keith are just as nice too. (I haven't met Ronan and Mikey though so I don't know what they're like)

Bruno Langley - one of the nicest guys you could ever meet too. He's always genuinely interested in what you have to say and is really down to earth. He's not really into the fame thing so I think it's impressive that he still stops to talk to people when he'd probably prefer to keep a low profile.

Michael Ball - absolutely hilarious, and really nice and friendly.

Christopher Biggins - hysterically funny, really nice guy.

Wayne Sleep - really friendly and nice guy, he and my mum were flirting with each other though I know he's gay but he was deffo being flirty with my mum, and she with him SO embarrassing!

Jason Donovan - absolutely lovely and has a lot of time for the fans. I was impressed with how he came out of the theatre after the matinee of the show specifically to chat to fans and sign autographs etc.

Lee from 911 - he was really nice. The security guard was telling him off for chatting to the fans but he ignored him and carried on regardless.

Connie Fisher - really lovely and very humble.

Lesley Garrett - an absolute sweetheart, so chatty and friendly and a very warm person.

The sort of nice and sort of not:

Will Young - he was rude and dismissive and he pushed my mum out of the way. He wouldn't meet any fans unless he had his security guard with him to line everyone up in a queue (even though there was only a few of us there). He was nice to talk to once we got to meet him though, and he has the most gorgeous smile was just his attitude beforehand that wasn't so nice. As a huge fan, his attitude really disappointed me, but I'm hoping that he was just having a bad day. I haven't held it aganst him anyway

The not so nice:

Russ Abbott - he was really rude and obnoxious and he stank of booze.
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