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There are some surprises on here...

Girls Aloud I had always expected to be really really up themselves; I'm surprised to hear that they generally seem quite nice

And CILLA!! Anybody got any juicy Cilla stories? Spill the gory details!!

I've met French and Saunders- lovely, lovely ladies. And Joan Rivers- absolutely wonderful. I once chatted to Jeff Stelling, who came across as a very nice, genuine chap.

Those are the most noteworthy people I've met... also met a couple of extremely unimpressive Z listers, none of whom really made impressions on me either way.
Years and years ago, my dad and crew where doing some building work on Cillas house. She wouldn't let them boil a kettle for their tea all the time that they were there. (Not very juicy but it always put me off her.)

Donald Sutherland was lovely, so tall. Andy Williams gave me a lovely smile and a wave. Bob Holnes was very nice and chatty. Saw Dennis Waterman and Rula at the zoo, didn't talk to them.
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