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The nice

Christine Bleakley - My brother in law works at the BBC studios, I went to drop off his keys and saw her, she was such a nice lady with a very infectious laugh

Ricky tomlinson - At a bar in liverpool, he was an absoloute delight

Kate Garraway - Was at my local park on the isle of dogs, my one year old ran up to her and she laughed and said what a georgus looking baby, and asked me about the local area!

Andrew Castle - Came to my work one time at a charity event, such a polite fella!

The bad

Holly valance - Shopping in M&S and she dropped her stuff, an old woman offerd to help but she said no no thats my stuff, I was gobsmacked

Jessie Wallace - Mother in law said she was horrid, at an airport she couldn't care less some people were delayed hours & hours
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