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So ive read DS for a while, but loved this thread so much was compelled to register!

I have met very few celebrities, but working in a bar directly across from a theatre we get a fair few come in, esp. over xmas because of pantos etc..

The ones that stick in my mind though...

Lisa Riley, pleasant enough, seemed very down to earth and normal and was happy to pose for photos and sign autographs for folk.

Dont know his name but Bodger and Badger, not what you would expect at all, not to sure how much i can say on here without risking a lawsuit for slander, but he was on abit more than the drink!!

Su Pollard, lving legend. Lovely woman always willing to chat to anyone and sign autograph. She was playing the witch in snow white. And would come in every evening with her troupe of 7 dwarves. Very very surreal to witness! But would proceed to get absolutley smashed every night. Great fun lady though very pleasant and very nice to all the staff. As were the dwarves, they were also lovely.

There was a chap who used to be in eastenders once, i forget his name, but not very pleasant seemed to think he was slightly better than the rest of us.

Dave Benson phillips, again very normal down to earth guy wasnt unpleasant to chat to.

And also Uri Gellar. Great man. Was happy to spend his time bending our cutlery for all who requested it, i did not expect him to be such a nice guy!

The Bodger and Badger guy was Andy Cunningham - who my mate later saw in 'The Gilded Balloon' with, believe or not, Steve Coogan and Chris Morris.
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