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Anthony Hopkins is gorgeous - I literally bumped into him outside the Shaftbury Theatre in London when he was in Madame Butterfly - I was 19 - I just stood there blinking and said 'Your Anthony Hopkins!' and he put his hand on my shoulder to steady me and laughed and said 'Yes, I am!' very down to earth and witty and no at all starry! Lovely man!

He went into the foyer and picked up a drink and me and my mate pressed our nose against the glass - he was chatting to two men and we banged on the glass and gave him a thumbs up and he gave us one back!
He was lovely when I met him as well, pre-Silence days, and I'm still annoyed I lost his autograph (the only one I've ever asked for) - even hailed a cab for me and my friend to make sure we got home okay

I've heard quite a few negative stories re Cilla, however a friend of mine used to work on T4 (back in the Dermot days) and Babs Windsor was a guest once - said she couldn't have been nicer, spent hours after the show chatting with the crew, one of the nicest guests they ever had on.

Didn't actually meet John Hurt as such, but was in the same pub as him, and I must say it was an impressive level of drunkeness he'd reached by about 3pm in the afternoon.
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