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We met Take That on a plane going to the Brits just after robbie had left - my daughters were very young and they let them sit with them at the front of the plane. Howard was particularly charming - they signed our boarding passes and let us take photos with them in the airport. I have one of Mark Owen winking at me as he goes off through arrivals - real charmers.

I met Nicholas Parsons when I was a student and he was tetchy, ill-mannered and rude. Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama) was at a charity do I was at in Manchester being the DJ and came up and said 'Hi.' Also there was Bryan Ferry (i'm a lifelong fan) who was smiley and charming. I also chatted to him about Roxy Music reforming and he was a delight. He said I should be tagged as I'm such a fan of the band.

Not so nice - years ago when my husband lived in London he used to go to concerts at EEl Pie Island and remembers Rod Stuart crying into a lace hankie at the side of the stage because he thought he'd been outsung.

Finally, my son who is the lead singer in an up and coming band, met We Are Scientists who were doing a tour and went for a drink with them after their gig - the lead singer rang my son's girlfriend, who was in bed at the time, to ask if he could come over!
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