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Does this count? My hubby and I have met none other than Zippy, George and Bungle from Rainbow (and there is photographic evidence)!!! They were on tour when the whole retro revival was doing the rounds about five years ago. The puppets were so real, it was only afterwards I thought how bizarre it was that I’d just been having a conversation with a bloke’s hand!! I asked Zippy where Geoffrey was – he replied “In panto!” Bungle told my husband he looked like Leo Sayer (he doesn’t anymore, btw)!!

I’d love to hear if anybody has met Matthew Corbett of The Sooty Show fame! A semi claim to fame is that my husband, who used to work in a recording studio, once did some work for Matthew’s brother Dave, who wrote the music for The Sooty Show, and who he said was a very nice chap.
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