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Robson Green has always struck me as being a bit up how own behind and ive never even met him
Other half's uncle had a run in with our Robson a few years ago. He was working in Llandudno Police when he spotted a rather drunk man having a wee in an alley next to a club. Its was Robson Green who was a little sheepish to say the least.

Most of the people I have met are musicians, but here goes:

My Chemical Romance - Lovely bunch of guys, always willing to stop and sign autographs etc Gerard Way was especially nice to my daughter who was 10 at the time, as were the rest of the guys really

Brian May Gave a big thumbs up, really nice man

Oli Sykes from Bring me the horizon Has a reputation for being an utterly foul man, but he was at a friends band's gig and really friendly, had a good chat and my son took photo's.

Aiden (the band) Another bunch of lovely blokes, especially Jake who was really suffering with Hay Fever at the time and stole some of my friends anti histamines in exchange for one of his beer's

There are many many others who I wont go into because most of you will say "who!?" The only rather unpleasant celeb I ever met was one of the blokes from Bucks Fizz who was just a creep and a letch.
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