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through charity events, and work (i used to produce a lot of big corporate media and live events), and being in a band i've met...chronological order if i can remember them all...

roy oldie but an absolutely brilliant bloke.

dick emery...i cannot describe how loathsome the experience was.

tommy cooper...very strange, very remote and quite sad, but polite.

the wurzels..nope. no not going there.

roy chubby brown...nothing like his stage persona, really a very smart chap.

jeremy beadle, lovely guy

ant and dec, i walked into a sound studio they were working in, they must have been about sixteen, i was patronising and ever so condescending ha ha ha.

noel gallagher..met him before oasis, a really funny and interesting guy.

john lydon, just on another planet, very unpredictable and moody, but still great.

david jason, i thought he was great, shy as somebody else said, not really a gusher or a smiler, but a nice bloke

nick faldo, lovely bloke, very funny and very professional at everything he does

michael greco, bumped into him in a pub in covent garden, had a great chat

the queen and prince philip, I was introduced, did some bowing, some small talk, prince philip is a joker and a half, they're both tiny people, which surprised me, he always looks tall. must be the nose.

davina, met her at a premature baby charity do, she's just davina. that's it. what you see etc.

some others, but it's too late.
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