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Teddy Sheringham and Sol Campbell in their Spurs days. I am Arsenal fan but was looking after some young fans at our local club who Spurs drew with in the FA Cup. The guys were great with the kids after the match, patient, friendly and signed autographs and chatted.

The person who sticks in my mind as being awful was ex Man U and England player Brian Robson. There were scores of children who idolised him and were excited that he and Man U were playing at our local club. The rest of the team were great and stayed behind for and organised party (it had been a player's testimonial) Brian Robson had been swept away in a private car. He did not even give a wave to the hoardes of children waiting to see him.

Agree and agree, Brian Robson has always been so up himself.....

Now Brian Clough, there is a man I loved as well, even though he was acidic at times!
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