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Amanda Burton (complete cow)

Cyndi Lauper (misery guts, altho I'm reliably informed she's not usually so)

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith - great bloke)

Robert Carlyle (nice bloke, great actor)

Daniel Day-Lewis (God of acting and so humble. I was nearly on my knees - no, not like that! Get your minds out the gutters!!!!)

Robbie Coltrane (as Soulmate says above, he was a laugh)

Carole Malone (she was actually nice!)

Fifi Phillips (just weird)

Boy George (flirty but also a laugh, able to take the pee out of himself)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (OK, I only walked past her but she smiled at me - sighs)

Renee Zellweger (very, very nice)

Patsy Kensit (nice and much prettier in the flesh)
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