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My cousin had a date with a plumber, whose boss once mended Paul Shane's dishwasher.
Paul wasn't in at the time, so I don't know if he was nice or nasty


I've met Stewart Lee (of Lee & Herring). I bought him a pint after one of his stand up gigs then he bought me a G&T.

Richard Herring (of Lee and Herring, haha) is very sweet and quite fanciable up close.

I once became seperated from a friend and my aunt at a huge music festival, and being only 14 at the time I was quite distraught. I was taken backstage by a security person to calm down and wait for them when I saw Jarvis Cocker sitting down and having a chat with someone. To cut a long story short, he was probably the nicest 'celeb' I've met and my most treasured possession is a piece of paper with a short poem he wrote for me on it.
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