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Callie Rawston
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Hey, just saw this thread and thought I'd drop my two-peneth in...

David Seaman - Lovely guy, met him at an ice skating show this year (Kyron Bracken was in it, so he came along with his family to support). He was happy to chat / sign autographs despite being on family night out.

X factor finalists 2006 - Met at charity film premiere in Leicester Sq - For the most part, rude and walked right by us - except one of them, Ray I think his name was - who posed for photos and chatted.

As did Shane Richie who was in the film... He waited around for ages (till most people had gone) so everyone (inc us) got a picture with him.

Cast of the Bill (current) - have met most as film near where I work, lovely people - very smily and happy to chat between takes.

Young cast of Eastenders (current) - met some of the younger teens from Eastenders recently - lovely group of kids, very keen and eager.

Cast of Holby City (Maddy and Jac - Nadine Lewington, Rosie Marcel) - again met recently (was at BBC studios in Elstree) - both lovely, delightful girls. Nice to meet them and chat for a while - they were happy to talk.

Thats my few anyway... Callie x
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