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Callie Rawston
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How dare they not speak to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the crowd outside the cinema? That's outrageous!

Okay, totally misreading my point there... they were the star guests and were there to feed off the publicity so they could get votes for the X Factor.
I wasn't expecting any of them to stop and have a three week conversation, just a smile or an acknowledgement...

It was Leona and Eton Road (a band) that were kinda rude though, and when I said they walked by us, it was more like they walked through us. We weren't even important enough for them to walk around us.

Oh and can I just add, I wasn't outside the cinema - we were special guests at the premiere and were inside. We weren't just randomly adding around outside desperate to see the stars, we were there for a reason and they failed to acknowledge anyone existed.

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